Frequently Asked Questions

We are highly trained Acne Specialists that are State Board Certified Estheticians with a 95% success rate*.  Acne is all we do. As a team, we can clear acne fast. How fast? Six to 12 weeks with noticeable differences usually at about six weeks*. 

Our clients are men and women, pre-teen to age 70, and include very fair to dark skin tones. Whether you experience major or minor breakouts, blackheads, hormonal acne, bumps or acne rosacea, together we get you clear without harsh prescriptions from a dermatologist. 

  • We use professional clearing products in a carefully timed approach, with the goal clearing skin as quickly as possible.

  • We coach you on dietary and lifestyle adjustments then support you all the way through the clearing process.

  • Clinical-style facial acne services are performed every two to three weeks (until under control).

We serve clients locally (we are located in Marin, the beautiful North Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area), fly-in clients and all across the United States in our long-distance programs.

* On average, results can vary depending on many variables, including proper home-care product usage and following recommended lifestyle choices. 


Do extractions hurt and why do them?

For most people, there will be discomfort but it’s tolerable. Extractions are optional or the amount of extractions we perform.

It’s the fastest way to get clear – we extract the current lesions out and the home-care prevents the new ones from forming.  

Do I have to use your products?

Yes. Our products work, are non-pore-clogging and we know how they interact with each other.  

Do I have to get services?

If you live close enough, it is best to get acne services and coaching from us because it is the fastest way to get clear. We also offer long-distance assistance, for more information please contact us. 

Do we take insurance?

No. However we do accept HSA Flex Spending plans. If you have a plan, you will need to submit a receipt of services to your provider for reimbursement. We recommend that you check with your plan prior to your visit. 

What do the peels actually do?

The Esthetician can explain more about that in your appointment. Our high quality blended corrective peels have multiple purposes including thorough exfoliation, softening of comedones and lightening of dark spots. They also prepare the skin for maximum absorption of our home-care products. Peels can help with signs of aging and other skin concerns. Our first goal is to clear your acne, then we recommend speaking with acne specialists about other skin concerns. 

What if I’m on other prescription products?

Please contact us for more information. 

Can I combine your regimen with another one that I have been on?

Acne is challenging enough to get under control. In order to eliminate the variables, we require that you use only our products.  

How long does it typically take to get clear?

Compliance is super important. If you do your home-care exactly like we tell you to and come in every two weeks for a service you will most likely be clear in about 10 to 14 weeks. Some clients sooner and other clients take a little longer depending on their acne. 

What do I need to do after my acne is under control?

You will need to use products to control your acne until you outgrow acne. 

What is the youngest age that you take clients?

We work with pre-teens on up but do not offer facials to clients under 15 years of age.  

Do extractions make my face red? 

Yes. So plan ahead and make sure you do not have a special event within 24 hours. 

Is there anything that takes the redness away?

Some clients male and female like our tinted sunscreens. After your acne is under control, ask your Esthetician about what can be done for redness leftover from acne.

Who will I be seeing at my appointment?

You will see one of our most awesome Acne Specialists that are a State Board Certified Esthetician.  All of the specialists are trained in the same protocol so we all do the same thing. 

How long should I wait for a service if I have just gotten a peel/microderm/waxing?

We suggest that you wait at least a week, preferably two weeks before you come to see us.  

Is a Dermatologist on staff?

No, instead, we are dedicated, successful and hands on Estheticians, licensed by the State of California or Idaho depending on your location, providing the best and most effective acne products and services that do not require a prescription.  

What if I am pregnant?

We can still treat you for acne, but first you will have to get a list from your doctor as to what ingredients they want you to avoid. 

Do you help with scarring?

It depends on what you mean by scarring? If you have dark or red spots, then yes, those will be treated along with the acne or after your acne is controlled. Pitted scaring, we only treat in Idaho. 

Do you do microdermabrasion?

We do not. We prefer non-abrasive exfoliation to microdermabrasion for acne prone skin. Our corrective peels also help to lighten red or dark areas of the skin. Speak to your Esthetician to determine the best recommendations for your skin.

What other skin conditions do you treat?

Once your acne or acne rosacea etc. is under control, we do have products and treatments that focus on other skin concerns, such red left over after acne has cleared or aging concerns. Ask one of the estheticians about how we can best address your concerns. 

Do you offer a family discount?

No but we have a referral discount – for every person you refer to us, we give you (after their visit) and your family or friend $25 each towards your next service.