Acne + Skin Tips - Lifestyle Advice

First, what is acne? There are lots of very technical descriptions of acne that I won't bore you with. This is how I like to explain it; acne is a disease where there is no known cure, all we can do is control it.  Acne is genetic in almost all cases, you can thank your parents or possible even your grandparents for it. So guess what? It's not your fault because you didn't wash your face enough. Acne simply means you produce more dead skin cells than you would if you didn't have acne. If you don't have acne, you shed approximately one layer of dead skin cells every day.  If you do have active acne, more than likely you shed up to five dead skin cell layers every day. What we do at Studio Blu Acne Clinic is help you not have those dead skin cells back up and cause breakouts. We can do that either in our studios, that is located in the San Francisco North Bay Area or in our long-distance acne program wherever you are, is coach you about what lifestyle choices prevent breakouts, acne bumps, cysts, hormonal breakouts, blackheads, pimples etc., that we all find highly annoying. We also fight acne with a regimen with products that actually work.

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Here are just three lifestyle tips. There are many more. Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. 

1. Reduce your stress.

Stress stimulates the adrenal gland, it creates a sticky backup, mess, of oil that clogs pores. In acne-prone individuals, it creates a back up dead skin cells that produce bumps, pimples, blackheads, acne cysts etc. in acne-prone individual. 

What can you do to reduce stress? Do whatever it takes.

When there is nothing you can do to change your stressful situation, we usually recommend talking to your doctor about getting onto a good vigorous exercise program of some kind. You will feel better and sleep better and this will help you and your acne prone skin look it's best. 

2. Sleep at least eight, uninterrupted, hours every night 

This means no electronics in the bedroom. No beeping. No checking. No watching. 

Night shift and sleeping with infants or small children means trouble with acne-prone skin.

Travel and crossing time zones causes severe physical stress, making it harder to clear acne.

3. Drink more water 

Plump up fine lines, reduce dark circles, brighten your skin tone. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces, we are now recommending three litters a day for most adults. Water intake should be throughout the day for best results. 

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