During the Summer, if you’re like most people, you crave the fresh mountain air and roasting marshmallows around a campfire. Though camping cleanses your soul, it makes maintaining an acne regimen a challenge. Follow these few tips, and a few nights under the stars won’t throw your skin off the deep end.



No access to water, use Costco brand Kirkland Baby Wipes or Target unsented Baby Wipes before you begin your skin regimen. Always check the ingredient deck for pore-clogging ingredients.



Always remember to reapply your sunscreen every 1 to 2 hours in the intense outdoor sun.This is especially true if you’re at higher altitudes. We recommend acne safe Studio Blu mineral sunscreen.



Most campers will have a cooler with plenty of ice in it, so go ahead, ice. Apply ice, in circular motion, 1 to 2 minutes on acne prone skin. Be careful not to leave in one area too long as it may result in ice burn.



With a lack of access to running water, washing your hair can be a pain in the neck. Remember to pack some acne safe DRY shampoo. It absorbs all the grease from your hair, which results in less grease getting on your skin. It’s also a plus to have beautiful clean hair while camping. Be sure to check the ingredient deck.



When we’re at home it’s easy to be on high alert about using non-clogging products. When you’re out in the wild, it’s a tad more difficult. Watch out for these skin abusers when camping:

  • bug spray: nearly all bug sprays are made with soybean oil, which is on the no-no pore-clogging list. The only acne safe bug spray is Greenerways Organic Bug Screen bug spray.

  • body sunscreen: sun protection for your body is, of course, important, but make sure whatever sunscreen you’re using on your body isn’t pore-clogging. Even if you don’t tend to break out on your body, when you touch your skin throughout the day, the sunscreen will get on your hands, and will almost certainly end up on your face.

  • campfire food: we all know better than to mess with soy and dairy, so make sure you steer clear of them even while camping. Check ingredients on any canned or processed foods you plan on bringing – you’ll find that a lot them have some form of sneaky soy.

  • a dirty pillow: just like at home, make sure whatever pillow you’re using is CLEAN. To play it safe, pack an extra tee or two to put over your pillow each night.

If you try your best to follow these tips, it should be easier to enjoy the fun shenanigans and all that camping is about, without stressing about your skin.

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